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Our 4 CORE messages are:

– Chronic pain is a real and complex disease that may exist by itself or be linked with other medical conditions.
– Chronic pain is both an under-recognized and under-resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impact.
– Effective chronic pain care requires access to a wide range of treatment options, including biomedical, behavioral health and complementary treatment.
– Denying appropriate care to people with chronic pain is unethical and can lead to unnecessary suffering, depression, disability and even suicide.

We believe you deserve love, outstanding care, an opportunity to heal, and second chance at living a meaningful life.

Our goal is to create an individual treatment plan based on the specific needs of the patient. Their injured body part is our main focus, however, we select a treatment plan that incorporates the whole body. When a patient suffers an injury the body and mind separate. They are not working together as a unit. Due to the lack of continuity of care within the system the injured worker cannot reach their maximum potential of healing. We at Core Program recognize the need for such individual goal setting and care.

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